Non-ferrous metal scrap

Non-ferrous metal scrap is the general name of scrap of metals containing no iron. These metals have a characteristic lustre and are good heat conductors.

Non-ferrous metal scrap

The most popular non-ferrous metal scrap include:

  • copper scrap (metal of red-brick colour) most commonly occurring in the form of: Cu Millbera (dry and gloss); Cu piece: Cu granules; Cu stone mix, including Cu wound and others.
  • brass crap (an alloy of copper and zinc) – most commonly occurring in: M63 (new) and M63 (post-amortization)
  • bronze scrap (an alloy of copper and tin) – the most popular include: bronze in the grade of B101; B6; B8, as well as magnetic and non-magnetic bronze.
  • aluminium scrap (light, silvery-white metal). The most common types of Al scrap include: energetic Al (sector, line), Al-Cu coolers; Al plastics; Al casting; Al profile (white and colour); Al rims and others.

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