Recycling from the cremation process

Guided by the idea of metal recycling, in 2023 Cronimet PL Sp. z o.o. together with CronimetCremetal GmbH is launching a service for recycling metals from the cremation process on the Polish market.
We recycle all metals as well as orthopaedic implants and prostheses that remain after the cremation process.


The service we offer is completely free of charge. We are also keen to make it as professional as possible, respectful but also clear and undemanding. We can outline the whole process in 5 steps:

  • We supply the containers for the metal mixture.
  • Once the container is full or otherwise required, call us so we can schedule a collection.
  • Our driver weighs the full containers and replaces them with new ones, before issuing the required documents.
  • The donated material goes to our sorting centre at Cronimet Cremetal GmbH.
  • We issue an invoice for the value of the donated material within 2 weeks and also transfer the money to the specified account.

From the transferred metal mixture, we are able to separate stainless steel, cobalt alloys, titanium, iron and a mixture of precious metals, etc. These metals are sorted, weighed and analysed by us using the latest technology. They are then separated and prepared for smelting and, after being sent to smelters, all these metals are reused.

The sorted material is valued on the basis of market prices (Fe, stainless steel, cobalt, titanium) and exchange prices on the day the material is received (precious metals). It is very important for us to understand the entire sorting process and its transparency, so that the billing also includes the sorting costs.

Once the billing is known, we then transfer the money directly to the previously indicated account.

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