Interview with Tomasz Glubiak – the winner of Triathlon in Gdynia at M 55 category


Tomasz is 55 years old, he’s form Inowrocław. He is working in Cronimet PL for 5 years now. He is a husband, a father and a happy grandfather of Borys and Kacper. As his wife says “man walking hobby”.
Tomasz pursues his sports passion in every free moment. He comes to work and I hear from Him, that swimming pools should be opened earlier: “from 6 a.m. it’s a bit too late”.
I invite you to read about sports passion, pursuit of goals and progress plans.
The interview with Tomek is conducted by colleague from work: Agnieszka Borowska


1. Please tell me when your adventure with triathlon started and where did the idea for this discipline come from?
It all basically started from volleyball. 15 years ago I got injured during the training and I had to start swimming. This in turn started to give me so much fun, that I thought that I should add something else to it. I’ve heard theories that running is not appropriate with my disease (spinal hernia). I decided to check it out. First 3km, 5km, than 10km etc. I came up to the conclusion that since the disease does not get worse, I will add a bicycle to it.

2. Does this discipline require a lot of money
Niestety tak. Rower i wyposażenie rowerzysty, odpowiedni ubiór oraz sprzęt do pływania i biegania są bardzo kosztowne.
Czy zgodzisz się ze stwierdzeniem: Gdzie jest hobby nie ma miejsca na ekonomię?
Dużo w tym racji, jednak uważam, że trzeba się bawić w sport racjonalnie.

3. You have been working in Cronimet for 5 years full-time and you deal with custom matters. I already know that there is a swimming pool before work. After 8 hours of work you come home and …….?
(Laughter) Garden, home, household chores. Then between 7.00 p.m. and 8.00 p.m. I start training – cycling or running (alternately, from Monday to Friday there are 3 workouts on the bike and twice running or vice versa).

4. Did your family support you in choosing this discipline or advise you against it?
(Laughter) Because of my health problems they advised me against it, but now the support me a lot.

5. What do you consider to be your greatest success so far?
Awards in volleyball tournaments. If it wasn’t form the injury, today I still would be training volleyball.

6. You are starting in M 55 category, if you could went back in time, do you think that for sport you could quit your job and take up this professionally?
If I could make money this way, yes. That is why I choose my first studies. I finished volleyball coaching studies at the University of Physical Education. I worked in this profession for 5 years – I was the PE teacher in high school. However for financial reasons I had to put my passion aside and look for more profitable job. I became a customs agent (these were the times when you could earn well by doing this) and started working in the Customs Agency. At the same time I started postgraduate studies at the Warsaw School of Economics in the field of Logistics Management. I worked in Łódź, than due to the coincidence of many circumstances, I returned to my hometown – to Inowrocław. After that I started looking for a job and I found it at Cronimet. In this way I still work in my profession – I work here as a Customs Matters Coordinator and I represent Cronimet PL in many sports events, which gives me a lot of fun.

7. Are you setting any specific goals for next year?
Yes, I have a few starts planned

8. Would you encourage others to participate this discipline?
Oh yes! I encourage both women and men. It’s fa game, a test for yourself, but also a fight with your own weaknesses .

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