Report of a competitor , Huber Lipiński (17 years old), sailing on the LASER boat with a sail form Cronimet PL

On September 16 – September 17, 2020, I took part in the Polish Junior Sailing Championships in the sprint in Górki Zachodnie on the Gdańsk Bay. After the previous qualifying rounds, 10 competitors were selected. Unfortunately, due to the lack of wind, not all planned races took place on the first day. After two starts I was in the distant 7th position. On the second day, the wind was good, which gave me hope for a better result. And It was as I suspected. By the 4th heat I was only 3 points behind the podium, and after 6th I was in 3rd place. In the decisive final race, I completed the entire route in the medal position. Unfortunately, I had an unfortunate fall on the last mark, which resulted in a drop to 5th place in the general classification.
Despite my undoubted bad luck, I am happy with the result and I hope to improve the result next year.

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